Bridge Foundations

Posted by Rupert Connor on Sunday, June 15, 2014 Under: Bridge

It seems (and is) a long time since work first started on the bridge site. At last some progress has been made by digging the foundations for the bridge abutments, filling with well compacted hardcore and getting the shuttering in place for casting the bases. We hope to cast the concrete soon and then we will feel that at least we are out of the ground.
At the risk of sounding more like a weather report than a railway building blog, we experienced some interesting weather whilst doing this work. One minute getting sunburnt, the next running for cover as the heavens opened producing hail and a good measure of thunder and lightning.
Spoil from the work above produced a rare commodity in our garden - soil. This was useful for levelling up some other areas of the garden. We've also recently got around to topping up some ballast around the most recently laid parts of the railway, which is a job that has needed doing for quite a long time.

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