Two Road Engine Shed

Posted by Rupert Connor on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Under: Construction
After the snow came the wind. Dust storms formed where there are newly ploughed fields, creating what seemed like a thick brown fog. At last there were a few nice days at the end of last week.

Karen had got fed up with tripping over a pair of points that had been lying around in the workshop pending a little tweaking to make them more reliable, and lifting some of our rolling stock on and off the track each time we used it was less than ideal. We therefore decided to get the points out of the way and usefully use them to access a second track into the engine shed.

As the shed door is a sliding door and it wasn't easy to sink the rail into the concrete floor, we decided to make a small removable section of track across the doorway. We used metal ties rather than our usual wooden sleepers inside the building so that the rail didn't need to rise too much.

(Above) The removable section of track

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