Be Safe

This website describes what has worked for us. Any information contained herein is personal opinion and not advice. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore entirely at your own risk. If you attempt any similar projects it is your responsibility to ensure that you can safely construct any structures to an appropriate standard for their intended use. It is particularly important that you calculate for yourself the load handling ability of any structures (such as track, bridges etc) where failure could lead to injury. The authors and this website are not able to check your calculations or workmanship.


All the construction work on Karen's Little Railway uses basic hand tools only. Ground conditions are less than ideal, so progress can be slow. This section aims to explain how we built the railway. The methods we have used are not necessarily the best or most efficient way of doing things. Being enthusiastic amateurs with no engineering background, little money and only basic DIY skills means we tend towards simple and relatively cheap construction methods. Click on the pictures or buttons below to find out more.