'Minx', a simple battery-electric locomotive

This locomotive was built using some parts from the earlier 'Imp' locomotive and the layout of the drive and controls is based on a locomotive design by Colin Edmondson also coincidentally called 'Imp'.

If you want to find out more about Colin's designs and the components used to build this locomotive there is a Facebook group called the 'Scamp Locomotive Group', aimed primarily at those who own or are interested in his Scamp locomotives, but also for those interested in his other designs. We made use of several of the Scamp Locomotive Group files, including the Imp Build Instructions which contain a lot of useful information.

The old Hillman range of cars had models named 'Imp' and 'Minx', so it seemed appropriate for the reborn version of our 'Imp' locomotive (which also owes much to Colin Edmondson's Imp design) to be called 'Minx'. 

Here's a video (below) that explains how the Minx locomotive was built.

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