Introducing the Greendale & Brownhill Railway

The Greendale & Brownhill Railway is our smaller 32mm and 45mm mixed gauge garden railway. It was originally inspired by seeing a 'Greendale Rocket' child's toy in a local discount store. This locomotive looked like it could be converted to run on 32mm gauge track and be a similar size to some 16mm scale models that we already had.

As the railway has developed, operations have tended to focus more on 0 gauge coarse scale tinplate, though we still run a wide variety of trains hauled by live steam, clockwork (including variable speed 'controlled clockwork'), electric (battery and track powered), which are both vintage and modern tinplate, 3d printed, toy and model, British and Continental style locomotives.

The video featured above is a slideshow introduction to the railway. There are a selection of other videos available for viewing on our Greendale & Brownhill Railway YouTube channel, which can be found at