Here are a few puzzles for you to enjoy. We hope to add more (and more complex ones) as our computing skills allow! Please note that some of these may be incompatible with mobile devices. If these games don't work with your computer, you will need to download a Flash Player Plugin from here.

Spot The Mistake

Can you spot the mistake in this picture from an old Hornby Dublo catalogue? Click on the buttons below for a clue or the answer.

1957 Hornby Dublo catalogue picture

Classic Shunting Puzzle

How can the two trains pass each other when the siding is only long enough to hold one locomotive or wagon at a time? You can probably work this out in your head. If not, try cutting out a few rectangles of paper to represent the engines and wagons and shunting them around. If you're still puzzled we've provided an animated solution.

Sliding Puzzle

You might be surprised at how tricky this apparently simple puzzle can be.