Track Plan - March 2019

This is the current version of the KLR track plan, showing the track we have completed to date (in red) and proposed tracks in black. Previous versions appear below for comparison and further explanation.

The proposed KLR track plan combines a continuous run with a return loop. This should allow trains to follow a variety of routes, giving plenty of interest using a relatively short length of track. Using the station as a terminus and the balloon loop to reverse the train as part of the journey will give what we hope will be a surprisingly long 'out and back' route. Alternatively with effectively two passing loops it should be possible (with careful timing and at least some sort of single line 'token' system in operation) to have two trains running in opposite directions. We are gradually adding landscaping and other features (such as the bridges and proposed tunnel) to enhance the journey around the railway.

Earlier Version

We have left this version here as it explains some of the features in the above plan and to illustrate how track laying has progressed.

First Published Version

This version was drawn in a more stylised manner and presented the other way up, so a few words of explanation may be useful. Note there has been a change so that the track will enter the engine shed building from a different direction through what is currently a window. This will save some space whilst making room to fit a turntable into the plan. The existing window in the end wall can be converted into a door as part of the rebuilding programme required since the roof of this building started falling in.

The track to the platform had been partially built before the change of plan. This track will become the loading/unloading siding in the new plan. One use we have in mind for this siding is for end loading onto a proposed wheelchair accessible carriage.

The station has been moved onto the main circuit. Rather than being a terminus only (as in the plan below) it will be suitable for through trains as well as terminating trains. Karen will be able to drive forwards (she finds reversing painful) around the main circuit in her preferred clockwise direction, never having to go backwards even when leaving (via the turntable) or returning to the shed.

Karen's Little Railway Track Plan