Lister Railtruck Plans

September 13, 2017
Earlier in the year we acquired a non running Lister D stationary engine. After cleaning it up, adjusting the timing, tensioning the timing chain, fitting a new condensor, replacing the head gasket, de-gunging the petrol tank and making a few cardboard gaskets we got it running with a satisfying chug. The intention is to use this engine as the power unit for a roughly two thirds scale representation of a Lister Railtruck. The distinctive Lister parts are available in 7 1/4 inch gauge as Colin Edmondson's 'Stumpy' design. The only tricky part of building such a locomotive is likely to be sourcing a suitable gearbox. We may well use some form of friction drive and have already had some design ideas.They are a popular design among minimal gauge enthusiasts, so there is plenty of inspiration out there!

Several 2 ft gauge examples of this type of locomotive were used on the nearby New Pitsligo peat moss, so we think a Lister Railtruck will make a particularly suitable locomotive for Karen's Little Railway. Most of the New Pitsligo locos have survived into preservation, (the most local survivor being at the Alford Valley Railway) and there are pictures of them in both pre and post preservation days on the internet. For instance, there is some information about no.52610 on the Moseley Railway Trust's website at from where this picture (below) was downloaded.

Early 2017 news

September 7, 2017
It was only on putting up the previous post that we realised how out of date this blog has become. This is because we now publish regular updates on our KLR Facebook page at (which we believe you can view without signing up to Facebook) and partly because this type of blog no longer enjoys any technical support. Here is a selection things we have been up to recently.
RuarĂ­ has built a locomotive and some wagons. Bodywork for the ...
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More Plans

September 6, 2017
We have updated our Trackplan page again to reflect the latest proposed changes. These have been prompted partly because the original engine shed roof started to collapse (meaning we had to quickly build an alternative storage shed, pictured below) and partly because we have given quite a lot of thought to how we use the railway and how to make it and the rest of the garden more accessible to all.

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Branching Out

November 22, 2016
You may have noticed we updated our Trackplan page a while ago. It now shows our latest ideas for the eventual KLR track plan. We've made a start on the station area by adding a new pair of points to the main circuit and (for now) a short siding. This siding will eventually become part of the new station run round loop.

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Locomotive Competition Win

July 3, 2016

Rupert's first attempt at locomotive building was for an entry into the competition run by the Facebook minimal gauge railways group. To see the 'rules' visit  His friction drive design, now named 'Imp' won the competition. A write up of the construction and parts list can be found in the files section of the Facebook group at and will more information b...
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The Heywood Society Journal

May 31, 2016

There is an article 'An Introduction to Karen's Little Railway' in the latest issue of The Heywood Society Journal. We were very impressed with the quality and the varied content of this publication. We will be joining the Heywood Society so that we can see more!

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Petrol-electric conversion

April 4, 2016
Testing our petrol-electric conversion. After Helen's gearbox failed we decided to use the same general arrangement as Colin Edmondson's 'Scamp' design. Two identical electric motors are used. The petrol engine drives one motor, making it a generator. This generator motor is connected to the other (driving) motor via a reversing switch and PWM speed controller. Thus speed and direction control is provided without the need for a mechanical gearbox. Many thanks to Colin for his advice an...
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KLR on Facebook

April 1, 2016
Click the image below to visit the Karen's Little Railway facebook page.

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HMR in Alexandra Park

January 17, 2016
Having been involved (before moving to Scotland) in resurrecting the miniature railway in Alexandra Park, Hastings back in 2001, (see the 'Park Railway' section on the 'Our Journey' page on this web site), we are happy to see it continues to develop. The railway has recently been taken over by Hastings Miniature Railway and is due to re-open on February 13th. We wish them every success.

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Night Train

November 5, 2015
Our first bit of running after dark. Putting a magnetic backed LED light on the metal radiator grille gave enough light to see where we were going on a Halloween night that was a lot darker than it appears in this picture

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